Day Two

Background: One of my HHHT girls convinced us all and a few others to do The Whole30. We all agreed to start January 2nd because let’s be honest, we’d all be hung over on the 1st. I agreed because I am not very smart. Theses posts are the daily emails I’ve sent to the group that is participating in this challenge.

In order to keep myself accountable over the next 29 days, I’ll be updating you all on my progress. Should we get 10 days into this with NO FUCKING PROGRESS, I’m waving the white flag while chugging a fifth of Grey Goose. So there!
We’re starting with Day 2 because on Sunday Day One involved a raging hang over since I tried to drink my weight in wine on Saturday night in a misguided attempt to store up some booze in my system in preparation for this madness. Apparently you cannot “store-up” booze in your fat cells to live off of for 30 days. So yeah, I didn’t drink yesterday and that fucking counts! But I did eat a lot of cheese. And gravy. And that’s not so impressive.
Day Two included a weigh-in, and unless you bribe me with a very large sum of money I will not tell you what my asshole of a scale reported. Yes I did read the literature that said we weren’t supposed to weigh ourselves. Fuck the literature, I’m already giving up cheese and wine I refuse to give up the one thing that will keep me motivated to not shovel truffle fries into my food hole. MMmmmmm truffle fries…
OK so here’s what did go into my food hole yesterday in no particular order:
Enough water to drowned a small cat in (out of my PLASTIC water jug. Sue me.)
Hard boiled egg
Green tea
Avocado with bay shrimp, fresh basil and sea salt
Green tea
Chicken breast sautéed in olive oil w/red and green peppers, onion and mushrooms also some random seasonings
Sweet potato fries (WMFS is not a fan)
Apple w/almond butter
5 or 6 walnuts
5 olives
I also went to the gym and abused myself via the treadmill. This limp is not because I swagger like a pimp, it is because I am incredibly uncoördinated.
I hope you all had more success with your first two days

  1. January 13th, 2011

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