Day Three

Background: One of my HHHT girls convinced us all and a few others to do The Whole30. We all agreed to start January 2nd because let’s be honest, we’d all be hung over on the 1st. I agreed because I am not very smart. Theses posts are the daily emails I’ve sent to the group that is participating in this challenge.

Weighed in again on Day 3 (Tuesday) morning because I like the personal abuse my scale gives me.
Me (holding a cat): Just checking to see if this thing works, maybe it needs a  new battery?
Scale: grroaaaaan
Me (dropping cat): Goddamn cat, you’re going on a diet too!
Scale: 15 lbs less than 3 seconds ago.
Me: I hate you
Scale: Wait I’m not finished 1.2 less than yesterday.
Me: Fuck, now I have to keep doing this shit.
Your body fat percentage is …
Me: La la la I can’t hear you
Hard boiled egg
spinach w/hb egg, left over peppers and onions from last night and a handful of bay shrimp
curry chicken, pumpkin and jalapeno (probably not good that I drank the left over sauce amirite?)
heirloom tomatoes w/olive oil pepper and salt*
Green tea
A lot of fucking water.
baked salmon and spinach sautéed w/’shrooms, garlic and shallot.
Hauled my ass to the gym for the 2nd night in a row. You know, the people who complain about how packed the parking lot is and how far they had to walk amaze me. I kid you not I have heard this conversation. WTF do they think they’re at the gym for anyway? There should be NO parking spots for 1/2 mile in all directions.
*it can be assumed that any salt reference from here forward is sea salt. Because it feels extra douchey to type sea salt instead of just salt. Yes I know it’s better for you but that doesn’t make it any less of a ridiculous purchase when I have all kinds of suddenly inferior salts in my spice cabinet.

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