Day Nine

I am trying to push through despite some MAJOR disappointment in my scale’s feedback these last 3 days. Absolutely no change. Not a fucking ounce. ßThat makes me hate this plan even more right now. What the fuck is it for if not weight-loss? Don’t give me that nonsense about resetting my blood chemistry blahbity fucking blah. We all know there is one damned reason The Dreamer and I agreed to this insanity and forced encouraged the rest to join us. And that reason has nothing to do with our blood chemistry. I’ve already established that mine is Golden Unicorn Blood anyway, so my blood is the last thing I need to work on. My muffin top is a different story. So I’ll keep eating grass and avocado for as long as it fucking takes.

The cravings have mostly leveled out and for the last 2 nights I’ve slept reasonably wellish. The weirdest thing going on right now is that despite drinking a bathtub full of water daily I am thirsty all the damned time. My water jug is 64 ounces, and I go through 3 of them while at work. At home, I’ll be carrying a glass of water, realize I have to pee; sit down and chug the whole glass while emptying my bladder (welcome to my bathroom y’all)! Will someone puh-leeze explain this to me?

Scale: Nadda
Me: Unacceptable!
Scale: Hey I just report the facts.

Avocado with bay shrimp
L’ eau
Lettuce, chicken, cilantro dressing, cojita cheese
Green tea
Sliced tomatoes with pepperocini and olive oil (delish!)
Chicken w/roasted Anaheim chile sauce

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