Day Eleven

Me: This is just gonna piss me off even more.
Scale: Yeah, you are still large and in charge lady.
Me: Really? That’s how you’re going to talk to me today?
Me: Not losing weight is bullshit. This shit better even out within the next few days. I’m just sayin’.

Not losing weight is bullshit. Detox is bullshit. My skin hates this crap even more than I do. Do these pimples make me look younger? Because that’s the only silver lining I can think of as a 36-year-old with zits OMFG! Since my skin care regimen in general is nonexistent, I’ve decided not only do I need to obsess about my weight, food consumption, and lack of alcohol utilization; why not throw a skin care routine on top of it all! Many moons ago when I was on Accutane (twice) I used this to wash my face, because it was the only thing that didn’t burn, and the Olive Virgin Oil to moisturize  for the same reason. Loved it, hated the price. So I took to Google and found the Oil Cleansing Method. Two days in and so far so good, really, how often can you say that 2 days into anything? But don’t worry I’m not going completely hippie on you, I will never color my hair with henna and my nails will always be an acrylic homage to strippers everywhere.

Speaking of detox bullshit, what is this now Day 11? The thirst still rages on, and there’s the skin thing of course, but other than that I think things are settling into a low simmer of irritability and general annoyance. However, I am still fashioning shivs out of whatever I can just in case. I mean, it’s only been one weekend of detox. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Also tonight was another night of Happy Hour Hot Topics without our regular sacrament. I’m just going to say it; as a whole we suck right now. Hard.

Squash & Pinecones:
Strawberry, mango, spinach, coconut milk smoothie (I am now addicted to coconut milk, not a fan in the smoothie, but straight from the spoon it’s delish.)
Green Olives (Possibly the best fucking green olives ever. Seriously they are buttery! Buttery olives! YUM. Thanks A.T.!)
Fuckton of water (I’m sure I alone am causing some sort of drought situation)
Salad w/cheese, turkey and balsamic vinaigrette
Smoked baby clams and bay shrimp
Roasted sweet potato

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