Day Twelve

12 days no alcohol.
12 days no sugar or artificial crap.
12 days no soy.
12 days no flour.
12 days almost no dairy.
12 days and I weigh exactly the same as I did on Day 2.

I want to scream and yell and to be honest punch a lot of people in the face right now. FUCK whoever decided this was a good idea; that this would work that this would make me feel better. Because all it’s done for the last 12 days is make me feel like shit. Like shit because I’m not sleeping. Like shit because my skin is a wreck. Like shit because I’m not having fun. And now like shit because there is nothing to show for it. Not one goddamn pound. I’m miserable and fat. Awesome.

Why bother:
Strawberry, mango, spinach, flax, coconut milk smoothie
Salmon and tuna sashimi
Crab salad
Green tea
Black tea
Baklava (and I enjoyed the fuck out of it! Because why fucking not, it’s not like not eating it would’ve made a goddamn fucking cock-sucking bit of difference anyway)
Baked salmon and sautéed spinach
And of course at approximately 192 ounces of water (I know this because my water bottle is 64 ounces and I filled it 3 times today)

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