Day Thirteen

I don’t really have a lot to say at this point. My will to survive has been crushed. CRUSHED! My girth was down a pound this morning but after losing 5 ½ last week then gaining it all back for no good goddamn reason I’m hardly excited about it. Also cutting out yogurt has added another indignity to the skin issues (which is now one ginormous zit, under a mole which somehow makes it visible from space I swear), lack of sleep, general irritability. Awesome. Oh, and we all know girls don’t poop, but hypothetically if they did, that would be a problem too. Hypothetically of course.

Still I’m determined to drop some heft. My lovely cousin B does The Master Cleanse every January and he’s always much svelter afterwards. 14 Days, I’ve already made it 13, if I start Sunday – my day 15 – I’ll still hit the goal of not drinking for 30 days and hopefully see some goddamn results. I’m into instant gratification, which is why I don’t shop on-line or schedule hair appointments 6 weeks out. The Master Cleanse also achieves the calorie deficit I must take on in order to drop 2 lbs a week based on the handy little calculator The Sack sent me. As additional motivation, I’m taking a before picture. Should the desired results be achieved I’ll post them with an after shot and the starting and ending weight. Maybe, once I’m drinking again, possibly. Wish me luck.

Things that went into what once was a vodka intake hub:
Smoothie (strawberry, mango, banana, spinach, flax
Smoothie (strawberry, pineapple, banana, spinach, flax)
Shrimp sautéed with bacon, jalapeño and cilantro (fucking delicious!)
Greek chicken and veggies at Beaches

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