Day Fourteen

Check point down. Fourteen days with zero alcohol. WMFS, The BFF, and I went to see True Grit (good flick) and afterwards we went to Legends (don’t judge me, it’s close to home!) while waiting at the bar with The BFF the bartender set a Washington Apple shot in front of me and said “here, it’s free, I made it by mistake”. I stared at it for a few seconds and then somehow eeked out “no thank you I’m not drinking”. I deserve a medal or a trophy or something, that took will power!

Despite the one stellar zit mole combination (WTF?), this oil cleansing method is the bomb! I’m only 5 days in and my pores are tighter and clearer, my face is smooth and soft, and my make-up goes on and stays on so much better. It’s crazy awesome! I’m not even kidding. It was that fast! 5 days!

I didn’t even bother with the scale this morning; it would just piss me off.

The Details:
2 scrambled eggs w/slice of bacon
Celery w/almond butter
Steak bites

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