Day Fifteen

Today was the kick off day of The Master Cleanse. The salt water flush was ineffective. I hope that’s not a sign of failure to come. I really haven’t been hungry at all, but smelling food is its own special hell. I informed WMFS he is only allowed to eat cooked food while I’m not home. He agreed and then promptly made himself some bacon. I hope that’s not a sign of weak support to come. The Lemonade Drink is not good. It’s tolerable but so sweet. That’s what I get for cutting sugar out for 14 days and then changing the plan midstream. As an extra special bonus I’m embarking on this cleanse and simultaneously PMSing. Good luck to all that come in contact with me!

My scale and I were re-acquainted today. It went as well as it could I suppose.
Me: I don’t even want to know
Scale: You lost a pound
Me: Yes but I’m about to chug a liter of salt water, I anticipate some major retention so I’m not really enjoying that pound.
Scale: Suit yourself.

What did I ingest today?
The afore-mentioned liter of salt water
A total of 12 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice
A total of 12 tablespoons maple syrup
An undetermined amount of cayenne pepper
And naturally, a pool of water

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