Day Sixteen

Time for another dispatch from my own personal hell; a hell which I willing created for myself let us not forget. What is wrong with me? I am incredibly depressed by this undertaking. I’ve done the Salt Water Flush twice. Not a damn thing has happened except my fingers have turned into 10 Vienna sausages. WTF? Apparently my digestive system is terrified by this cleanse. My digestive system needs to get the fuck over it already.  

I didn’t weigh myself again today. It wouldn’t be good. The bloat from chugging 2 liters of salt water in two days is not pretty and wouldn’t translate well on the scale. I’ll get back to it tomorrow.  I’m not expecting miracles.

Day 2 of the “lemonade” was unremarkable. I haven’t been hungry but a whiff of anything savory makes me want to eat it just to taste something besides sickly sweet. 8 glasses of this yuck a day is hard to get down. I think six is a better number for me maybe. We’ll see. WMFS has been trying to not eat around me; unfortunately the smell lingers in the house. Thank God for Febreze room spray. The cinnamon and sugar scent is sweet enough that it doesn’t trigger a craving, silver linings and all.  

I managed to drag my sorry as to the gym for a 30 minute stroll on the treadmill. I was a little timid about pushing it too far since I haven’t consumed many calories the last 2 days. I think I could have actually jumped on the elliptical and been fine. I’m giving that a go tomorrow.

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