Day Seventeen

This isn’t going exactly as I had anticipated. I did not anticipate gaining weight after the first two days of this cleanse. Yeah you read that right; nothing but a questionable form of lemonade and Smooth Move Tea and I’ve gained weight. I am attributing it to the bloat from the 2 day salt water flush of failure and hormonal interference. I’m pressing on another day, if this hasn’t started to do the trick by Saturday (Day 7 of the cleanse) I’m ending it.

I added more lemon juice to the lemonade mixture to cut the sweetness and that is an improvement. I get to drink herbal tea too, which is nice because it’s warm and I am freezing lately. Does anyone know of a turkey flavored herbal tea? Anything not fruit, herb or flower based? I’m already tired of sweet stuff and would give WMFS’ left arm for meat flavored anything. What? He’s the bastard daring to cook things like Loco Moco and Beef Stroganoff in an attempt to put on weight. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! He could stand to sacrifice something like an arm amirite?

I did manage 30 minutes on the elliptical today. Whoo whoo!

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