Day Twenty-five


Tonight was the LAST of the lame Happy Hour Hot Topics. Well at least from the perspective of not drinking that is. Shut  up. Being and advice column is hard. Good group, mostly. We hit The Quay again, because damn if they don’t have an awesome happy hour menu. The grilled artichoke and the Asian salad are my all time favorites. Stay away from the cheese plate though, it’s pathetic.

I have one more weekend to survive. I’m thinking monster trucks or bowling. Does anyone know if there is a monster truck show? Because tube tops and mullets are always funny even without beer. And people, when I say bowling I’m not talking Big Al’s because there is no way I’m going within 100 feet of that brat trap without alcohol, I won’t even link to it without alcohol! Nope I’m talking real bowling at Hazel Dell Lanes bitches. Whoop whoop! Who’s with me?

On a brighter note, the chances of me slicing your throat for breathing to loudly are diminished slightly by the re-introduction of food I can chew. The Master Cleanse is over. Was it worth it? Meh, if I had it to do over again, I would’ve started with that on the 2nd instead of that bullshit Whole30 then ate really clean for the rest of the time. Since I had already cut out dairy, flour, sugar, taste, enjoyment out of my diet before starting the cleanse, I don’t think the impact was as great.

Things I chewed today:
Chicken and black beans from Chevy’s
Asian salad
Sweet potato fries
a pickle

    • Nikki White
    • January 27th, 2011

    I have never heard you Whoop Whoop sober! I kinda like it:)

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