Day OMFG Are We There Yet?! Aka: Day Twenty-six

I feel like I’m dragging myself across the finish line at this point. I am actually depressed that I have one more weekend of suck ahead of me. Seriously, how can it not be thirty damned days yet? I think someone has fucked with all of my calendars. It sure as hell feels like thirty days. No, it feels longer.

I still have this talent show looming over my head and zero motivation to tackle it. Sure I’ve got a list of acts, and hell yes one of them includes a cow bell! Oh and I managed to secure another master of ceremonies since my first mc unexpectedly exited the company, but that’s it so far, no plan, no organization. I know a glass of wine will spark some out of the box thinking, oh let’s be honest, at this point half a glass of wine will do it. See also: light weight; cheap date. Fortunately I’ll be have access to liquid creativity in plenty of time to come up with all sorts of lunatic ideas. My team will hate next week guaranteed! I can’t wait!

Things My Teeth and Tongue Assaulted:
Strawberry, pineapple, spinach smoothie – don’t let the color fool you, it’s yummy.
Greek yogurt w/fresh raspberries and Truvia – Plain yogurt is the devil’s splooge. Stay away from it. The raspberries mixed in were not enough to cover up the nastiness. I had to add half a packet of Truvia that I swiped from a co-worker in a fit of desperation.
blueberries – nom nom nom
Sandwich thin w/shrimp, mozzarella, alfalfa sprouts and black pepper – One of my most favorites sandwiches on the planet.
European Milk & Dark Chocolate Cookies

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