Days Twenty-seven Through Thirty

THAT’S RIGHT FUCKERS! TODAY is Day 30. And if I sound smug, I fucking deserve to. YOU did not give up alcohol (or anything for that matter) for 30 days. And no the fact that you haven’t had sex in 30+ days doesn’t count. You didn’t give up sex,  you gave up on yourself. Look at you. Seriously. Get your shit together.

Anyway, yes I made it all 30 damned days. This last weekend was the toughest. Friday we went bowling and then I watched the boys kill zombies and suck at COD Black Ops. Saturday, we went to Ground Kontrol where I sucked at Dig Dug. Repeatedly. If you have not been to Ground Kontrol,  you need to know  your life pretty much sucks. Arcade games + beer + DJ + contact high from the hippies = AWESOME.

Ground Kontrol’s permanent site is being remodeled so they are temporarily around the corner right across the street from Caberet. Naturally we had to drop in. People, there is a reason you are shit-faced when you go into a tittie bar. Oh my lord. Someone either did a Charlie Sheen amount of coke in the ladies or decided to attempt her own abortion. Either way someone was down a few pints and probably in need of some medical attention. Also, because the bathroom is so fucked-up, the talent just plops their bare asses down on a stool at the bar to shimmy back into their slut wear, since balancing on those shoes, clutching your bag of ones and coke, while slamming your drink is obviously much too complicated without a chair for support. It was the most surreal strip club experience ever and I’ve been kicked out of the Dancin’ Bare sober so you know that’s saying something. After all of that, a local Taco Bell was relieved of a party pack and more zombies had their heads blown off.

Was the 30 Days worth it? Fuck no, single dumbest thing I’ve ever agreed to in my life, especially since the original instigator of this whole endeavor folded like a house of cards and the another never ever tried.  Ladies, you know who you are.

That having been said, I have some difficult decisions to make. Where are we going tomorrow to end this bullshit the right way, and what will my first drink be? I’m taking suggestions!

    • Nikki White
    • January 31st, 2011

    P.S. I have a new idea for weight loss:) I’ll keep you posted!!!

    • Nikki White
    • January 31st, 2011

    It doesnt matter! As long as you have a drink!

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