This Should End Well

Hey remember when I had that dumbass idea to give up alcohol for 30 days?  Yeah, I’ve got another bad idea in the works. And while it doesn’t require I give up alcohol completely it’s going to seriously impede my imbibing. I need to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. In other words I’m going to try running. For reals this time. And I can’t imagine doing it after a night of Fireball shots. I kind of hate me right now for even considering this undertaking.

I abandoned my last 5K goal due to an unfortunate hip flexor weirdness that happened when I ran. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the shoes I bought at Ross. Because I’m determined to run Pints to Pasta this year I had to develop a different strategy. More than one friend, more than two actually, have recommended Fit Right NW as a starting point. So I went. When the sales associate asked me if she could help me, I told her I was preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. She didn’t even flinch and said, “Great so you’ll need shoes then.” Awesome is what that is.

What is not awesome is the fitting process. They make you jog barefoot on a treadmill. In the store. The store, with people in it. In front of the widow. A window, with people strolling by. And as if that wasn’t enough, they video record you from behind to analyze your gait or something.  Then they make you watch the footage and explain what your feet are doing. I have no clue what my feet were doing because I could only look at my calves.

People my calves, they’re, I just…I don’t even know. They’re genetic and they’re big, and I knew that. But somehow I didn’t really know until I saw them from behind on film. Dear God.

Just as I began to recover from the jog and the footage of the jog,  the sales associate pops out with shoes for me to try-on. Except it doesn’t end with just trying them on. No no! She tells me to go run outside. Like in public. And then she asked me how they felt. Um, like shoes? I did that three times before I realized it wasn’t going to stop so I said “Yes! These are the ones they feel perfect!” Even though I have no damned clue what a perfect running shoe feels like because I don’t run! Apparently their supposed to feel like you’re not wearing shoes. So I guess I have to go home and fill them with gravel and dirt so they feel like I’m not wearing shoes. I can tell I’m going to be good at this.

  1. Ha! That’s awesome. I just did my first run (5k) last weekend and it was fun. I can’t believe I said that running was fun. And I would have also recommended FitRightNW. So that’s three.


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