Austin Day Two

Short version: I’m in my room with blisters on both feet and it’s only 10:30 pm. I might be doing this wrong.

Rambley version: Day one of class was great. I love the agenda for day one. It might be my favorite class agenda so far! Great group of managers. All but one work with the same owner, and they are all humorous with a touch of sarcasm. Crazy that I liked them immediately right? Day one of class contains a work style assessment. Possible styles are Doers, Analytics, and two others I can’t remember the titles for at the moment and my notes are downstairs. Guess which two I scored highest in? Right! The two I cannot name. More importantly guess which one I scored the lowest in by a wide margin. If you guessed analytic you win.

The leadership part of the agenda was great as well, especially the part where my co-worker and I won the game by DOUBLE the other teams’ points. No, we didn’t cheat, we just took awesome notes and have wicked fast reflexes. I’d be glad to recreate our victory with puppets if anyone is interested. No? OK let me know if you change your mind.

My boss wasn’t feeling well today so she headed back to her room after class and gave me and my partner in The Epic Win the key to the rental car. Naturally, we headed to 6th Street and walked 3 million blocks or long enough for me to blister the bottom of both of my feet. Pro tip: Don’t get so excited about sun that you forget your feet haven’t been sockless for 8 months. Sandals – no matter how cute – are not meant for walking around a metropolitan area. The More You Know!

We wandered into some sort of weird, random trinket store and I bought a bracelet made of beads that look like skulls. It is my most prized possession! I had a voodoo doll in my hand as well but put it back since I had trouble narrowing down who would be the recipient of my voodoo. Probably best for everyone. We also visited Waterloo Records and it was awesome. I’m now kicking myself for not purchasing the kitchen tongs that are shaped like a microphone. I could do some mad karaoke practice with those and WMFS could use them for tonging things. Dual purpose kitchen utensils are the bomb!

We finally decided on diner at The Jackalope. It was voted “best dive bar” in Austin. It spoke to us, what? There is a giant jackalope with a saddle in the entry! How do you pass that up?! The food was delicious. And the Single-wide IPA was excellent. If you like IPA it’s a must try. By the Bottle carries it and I believe Fred Meyer does too. The sad sad truth is that I only had one.

So to recap: Skulls. Won the leadership game. Blisters. Jackalope. Single-wide IPA.

Tomorrow I think we’re going to sit on a hill and watch bats. I really do think I’m doing this wrong.

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  3. I can’t wait to see you too! I can however, wait to drive with Mom for six hours. Please make sure you have wine available and meet me at the car with it.

    • bailey
    • April 6th, 2011

    I’ve heard Texas has the BEST trinket/thrift/vintage stores. I’m actually really jealous right now. I can’t wait to see you on Saturday!

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