Austin Day Three

First thing I did this morning when I got downstairs was look up those other two work style types I couldn’t remember. I knew the one I scored highest in started with e-x. Excitable? Yes, but not it. Expendable? Yes again, but still not the right word. Drove me nuts all night.

Can you stand the suspense…

EXPRESSIVE. Yes, that is the work style I scored highest in but could not remember. Amiable was the other. WHATEVER! I don’t have an ulcer. At least we can all get some sleep tonight.

Day two’s agenda was even better than day one, and not just because there were no big words for me to forget. Day two is Operational Excellence and Guest Service Day. I’ve got home court advantage for these sections. The Guest video makes me laugh. The group was feisty today, like locked up monkeys or something. It’s bizarre how managers go a little crazy when their kept in a chair for 2 days. What’s crazier is some of the sound bites that came out of the last 2 days:

Addressing a manager:“You hit the nail on the key” – My Boss
Commenting on the amount of water I consumed today:“You’re going to be over saturated” – Sledgehammer
In response: “I’m not a lawn!” – Yours Truly
Retort: “You won’t drain properly!”  – Sledgehammer
OK maybe we were all a little stir crazy. Also Sledge has never seen my giant green hydration tank I drag around like a tattered security blanket so how was he to know that the water he saw me consume was only a drop in the bucket. Heh heh, see what I did there? OK I’ll stop.

We had dinner at Brickhouse Tavern & Tap. I am sad and offended that this wonderful concept has not made it further west than Texas. I’m starting a petition. We need more cask-aged beer! Mmmmmmmm smooth and velvety.

Oh and this happened:

That fashion tragedy is brought to you by my refusal to check a bag – only brought two pair of shoes – and walking 300 million blocks and giving myself blisters last night. I totally represented the PNW in this outfit. However, despite being hobbled by a blister the size of a silver dollar, I still did my blasted C25K workout. I’m hardcore (no not at all).

Let the record show it is 9:15ish here, and I am in my room. Where I shall stay because we leave for the airport at 5:45 tomorrow. The sun has been beautiful, but I’m ready to head home.

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