Clearing the Cobwebs

Goddamn this blog is dusty. Cobwebs fucking everywhere *waves broom around maniacally*.

So obviously I haven’t been traveling or I would’ve been here bitching about my fellow travelers, whatever injustice the airlines had irritated me with, and probably a falling down recap. But no, not traveling for a while. The next journey on my calendar is an overnight trip to Seattle June 1, with my boss and office mate. Last time we three made this trip we got lost walking back to our hotel from dinner. In an area you do not want to be lost in. We rule at travel.

I have back to back trips in Vegas and Salt Lake City coming up in July. The culture shock will be awesome. Especially since yours truly has never been to Vegas. And there’s a trip to Dallas in August. Hopefully there will be plenty of blog fodder from those trips.

Let’s see what has happened since I was here last.

  • I played a successful practical joke on a coworker. One that involved his cherished mug, it’s own blog, a massage chair and happy hour. Oh and our CEO and a VP. I am now a sitting duck waiting for retribution. I should have thought that through more carefully.
  • Planned a dinner at Main Event for a work celebration. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I should not be allowed in a room with our CFO and corporate attorney let alone sitting across from one of them at dinner. We all survived. And the rock stars at Main Event killed it, Kelly’s service was flawless and they managed to win over some new customers. Someone actually said that she never would have walked into the place based on the outside. Whatever, more Truffle Fries for me bitches.
  • I planned a celebration at the office that was postponed after I blew up 64 balloons for a balloon arch. It was for good reason, and it turns out that a dress rehearsal was a good thing. Also, I may have inadvertently got a few coworkers drunk on champagne when the actual event did go down two days later. Or maybe it was on purpose, that seems more like something I’d do. Also, those people? MUCH more pleasant to be around when they are buzzed. I’m just sayin’. I may start slipping vodka into the coffee pots upstairs. It is for the good of everyone.
  • I am now planning an even bigger headache event for June. A cocktail party (duh), 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners for 30 people. Along with our version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Minute to Win it. There will also be some educational content mixed in, but really who are we kidding, I’m all about the parties and gift bags! I love this shit.
  • Don’t even ask about running. Because there hasn’t been any. I did great through my Austin trip and then BAM! Fucking rain. All. The. Time. I have no issue with admitting I am a pussy when it comes to running in the rain. So until it’s consistently dryish…fuck that noise.
  • Happy Hour Hot Topics is still going down every Monday night. We need some fresh perspectives though, so if you’re interested in telling other people what to do with their love lives, let me know!

I think that catches us up.

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