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2012 Detox Day I Swear I’m Starting Tomorrow

This post is only 3 days late. I’m just going to come out and say it, despite the fact that I promised the rest of my detoxers I’d start Sunday, I still have not started. I had every intention of it. Except that Saturday after the commitment ceremony at Beaches, things went a completely different direction. A direction that involved a trip to The Quay on a Saturday night. That naturally resulted in stuffing my face with things like 30 cheese fondue and bread and martinis and wine.


Well except that I was woefully unprepared and hadn’t made a trip to the grocery store, and I needed that triple venti skinny vanilla latte with a side of muscle relaxers and vicodin. Zen tea and Advil was no match for my mood Monday morning. Also, nachos and wine is a perfectly acceptable dinner. SHUT UP! It is! So yeah starting Tuesday was the game plan.


Off to a descent start! Starbucks can suck it! I started the day with a Zen green tea. It did not result in feeling very fucking zen. The three Peppermint Patty minis on the other had have made it possible to not yell “fuck you” to each person that has tried to say good morning to me. And I ate a banana, so that fucking counts.

In other words I’m starting tomorrow. No flour, sugar or processed foods. And if something has more than three ingredients and I cannot pronounce  the superfluous ingredient, it’s off-limits.

What about you all? How have you done on your attempts at detox and resolutions?