In Case You Were Wondering

  • I taught myself everything I know. I have a foul mouth, sarcastic nature and you can count on the fact that something you read here will offend you. You’re welcome. I view the rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation as suggestions, get over it.
  • I also contribute my superior cussing skills and poor writing ability to an advice column called Happy Hour Hot Topics. We meet weekly over happy hour and discuss the relationship questions sent by our readers. We all spew our advice and one of us puts that advice into a well thought out response written form. The combination of gin, small plates of food and the ability to boss people around is everything I loved rolled into one place!
  • Believe it or not, I landed a husband, WMFS.  The jury is still out on whether or not he’ll be extending my contract beyond the 6 year mark.  Stay tuned! 
  • My family and friends are my most important possessions.  Yes, I called them possessions.  I own the mutha fuckers!  And I will pimp them out to you if I think you’re worthy. 
  • I travel often for The Job.  I love The Job so my employer shall remain nameless.  If you know where I work, please keep it to yourself unless you intend to support me, WMFS and my two obese long-haired cats.
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