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Austin Day Three

First thing I did this morning when I got downstairs was look up those other two work style types I couldn’t remember. I knew the one I scored highest in started with e-x. Excitable? Yes, but not it. Expendable? Yes again, but still not the right word. Drove me nuts all night.

Can you stand the suspense…

EXPRESSIVE. Yes, that is the work style I scored highest in but could not remember. Amiable was the other. WHATEVER! I don’t have an ulcer. At least we can all get some sleep tonight.

Day two’s agenda was even better than day one, and not just because there were no big words for me to forget. Day two is Operational Excellence and Guest Service Day. I’ve got home court advantage for these sections. The Guest video makes me laugh. The group was feisty today, like locked up monkeys or something. It’s bizarre how managers go a little crazy when their kept in a chair for 2 days. What’s crazier is some of the sound bites that came out of the last 2 days:

Addressing a manager:“You hit the nail on the key” – My Boss
Commenting on the amount of water I consumed today:“You’re going to be over saturated” – Sledgehammer
In response: “I’m not a lawn!” – Yours Truly
Retort: “You won’t drain properly!”  – Sledgehammer
OK maybe we were all a little stir crazy. Also Sledge has never seen my giant green hydration tank I drag around like a tattered security blanket so how was he to know that the water he saw me consume was only a drop in the bucket. Heh heh, see what I did there? OK I’ll stop.

We had dinner at Brickhouse Tavern & Tap. I am sad and offended that this wonderful concept has not made it further west than Texas. I’m starting a petition. We need more cask-aged beer! Mmmmmmmm smooth and velvety.

Oh and this happened:

That fashion tragedy is brought to you by my refusal to check a bag – only brought two pair of shoes – and walking 300 million blocks and giving myself blisters last night. I totally represented the PNW in this outfit. However, despite being hobbled by a blister the size of a silver dollar, I still did my blasted C25K workout. I’m hardcore (no not at all).

Let the record show it is 9:15ish here, and I am in my room. Where I shall stay because we leave for the airport at 5:45 tomorrow. The sun has been beautiful, but I’m ready to head home.


Austin Day Two

Short version: I’m in my room with blisters on both feet and it’s only 10:30 pm. I might be doing this wrong.

Rambley version: Day one of class was great. I love the agenda for day one. It might be my favorite class agenda so far! Great group of managers. All but one work with the same owner, and they are all humorous with a touch of sarcasm. Crazy that I liked them immediately right? Day one of class contains a work style assessment. Possible styles are Doers, Analytics, and two others I can’t remember the titles for at the moment and my notes are downstairs. Guess which two I scored highest in? Right! The two I cannot name. More importantly guess which one I scored the lowest in by a wide margin. If you guessed analytic you win.

The leadership part of the agenda was great as well, especially the part where my co-worker and I won the game by DOUBLE the other teams’ points. No, we didn’t cheat, we just took awesome notes and have wicked fast reflexes. I’d be glad to recreate our victory with puppets if anyone is interested. No? OK let me know if you change your mind.

My boss wasn’t feeling well today so she headed back to her room after class and gave me and my partner in The Epic Win the key to the rental car. Naturally, we headed to 6th Street and walked 3 million blocks or long enough for me to blister the bottom of both of my feet. Pro tip: Don’t get so excited about sun that you forget your feet haven’t been sockless for 8 months. Sandals – no matter how cute – are not meant for walking around a metropolitan area. The More You Know!

We wandered into some sort of weird, random trinket store and I bought a bracelet made of beads that look like skulls. It is my most prized possession! I had a voodoo doll in my hand as well but put it back since I had trouble narrowing down who would be the recipient of my voodoo. Probably best for everyone. We also visited Waterloo Records and it was awesome. I’m now kicking myself for not purchasing the kitchen tongs that are shaped like a microphone. I could do some mad karaoke practice with those and WMFS could use them for tonging things. Dual purpose kitchen utensils are the bomb!

We finally decided on diner at The Jackalope. It was voted “best dive bar” in Austin. It spoke to us, what? There is a giant jackalope with a saddle in the entry! How do you pass that up?! The food was delicious. And the Single-wide IPA was excellent. If you like IPA it’s a must try. By the Bottle carries it and I believe Fred Meyer does too. The sad sad truth is that I only had one.

So to recap: Skulls. Won the leadership game. Blisters. Jackalope. Single-wide IPA.

Tomorrow I think we’re going to sit on a hill and watch bats. I really do think I’m doing this wrong.

Austin Day One

It is that time of year again! Spring brings rain, rain, more rain and my travel season!  Strap in folks! This is just the beginning.

The trip started with my alarm going off at 5:30 am. I think the next time I have to get up at 5:30 am I’m going to make some “accidental” pocket dials. That way you all get the full experience as it’s happening rather than these marginally entertaining recaps.

The PDX-OAK leg of this trip was uneventful; I began to wonder if I would have anything to share with you all. And then we landed in Las Vegas. I was the only passenger to stay on the plane and Oh. My. Hell.  did it get interesting at that point. First passenger on the plane had two purse dogs sans the purse. Remember I’m the ONLY person on the plane. Every seat but the one my ass was in was available. And yet, she asked if she could sit in my row. Why would she do that? I surprised even myself when I said I’d prefer if she didn’t and for the briefest of moments I felt like a total a-hole. Then I remembered I wasn’t the crazy that brought two lap dogs on a plane. She took it well and sat across the aisle. And to be fair the dogs never made a sound or even moved that I know of. But still!

For those in the audience that aren’t privy to my vacation history, I’ve never been to Vegas so I have never left Vegas to understand the state that one would be in. Um wow, just…I don’t…I don’t even know what to say about it. Is there some sort of city ordinance that states you cannot shower before you leave the city? Do they require you to leave smelling like you just got off a refugee boat? Do they confiscate your toothbrush? Is deodorant contraband? Help me understand this! Needless to say the LAS-AUS leg of the trip was the longest of my short life (hush). But when I landed all was forgotten because hello sunshine! Glorious, glorious sunshine. I won’t be horrible and tell you the temperatures that are expected this week. Go ahead and click the link if you’d like to torture yourself. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I met my coworker at baggage claim and my boss picked us up curbside. We dropped our bags at the hotel and found food quickly. Here’s what I recommend you don’t do; Don’t decide 3 days before your trip to start the C25K program. And then certainly don’t stuff your face full of shrimp enchiladas knowing damn well you have to go do some interval running nonsense. Just sayin’.